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What are the harmful effects of eating non-organic food?

December 15, 2021

We all know how beneficial organic food is for us but some of us still go with the easy and less costly non-organic food. Organic food is not a temporary thing or a new trend, as many people believe. Prior to the green revolution, everything cultivated in India was organic by default. 

Today, in Most farming practices, the farmers use man-made chemicals and spray pesticides and insecticides on unwanted plants. In fact, GMO seeds are used instead of natural seeds. These GMO seeds are treated with chemical solutions and artificial boosters to get better results and improve germination. Being unaware of the harm these chemicals are causing to the soil and environment, farmers are continuing this new and trendy tradition. 

image of a farmer spraying pesticides in fields

In this blog, we will get to know more about non-organic or commonly called inorganic food and what harmful effects it causes to our body. Let’s get started!

What is Inorganic food?

Now, to first understand the concept of Inorganic food, we need to know why it is called inorganic in the first place. The main reason for that is produced using synthetic materials such as fertilizers and insecticides. So basically the food that has been genetically altered becomes inorganic.

In other terms, it is defined as food that includes less than 70% organic components. These are foods that are easily available in supermarkets and department shops. These kinds of foods include asparagus, kiwi, sweet potato, spices, salmon, papayas, herbs, and many others that we buy on a daily basis. It also includes processed foods and ready-to-cook/bake/eat meals.

You will get to know detailed information on Inorganic food side effects and how they are harmful to the human body system in the long run. 

Disadvantages of eating non-organic food

Listed below are the disadvantages of eating non-organic food.

  1. Non-organic foods are popular because they are convenient for consumers. However, many non-organic goods include toxic preservatives that can have a variety of negative side effects.
  2. Non-organic foods, unlike organic foods, are more likely to come into touch with microorganisms that cause hazardous illnesses.
  3. Non-organic foods include a variety of toxins and pesticides that remain in the body and damage cell function. These chemicals are linked to an increased risk of cancer, which increases the probability of developing cancer.
  4. Non-organic foods are becoming increasingly controversial, owing to the open usage of herbicides and insecticides. These chemicals react with the soil, destroying the nitrogen content, which is essential for plant and tree growth.
  5. Synthetic compounds used to manufacture non-organic food products may cause long-term harm to the land, eventually rendering it less fertile or non-fertile.


Now, with the information given above, it is clear how harmful inorganic food can be in the long term. For a healthy body and mind, it is better to switch to organic food and start living a healthy life. You can now easily get access to organic food in your nearest stores. So don’t wait up! Start consuming organic food instead of unhealthy non-organic food and live a healthy life every day.