How Tokyo Olympics are promoting sustainability

How the Tokyo Olympics are Promoting Sustainability.

August 3, 2021

The Tokyo Olympics is the world’s largest sporting event. There is no doubt about that. The impact of Tokyo is so unique not only to sport but on the environment and as well on the economy. Thousands of athletes belonging to different sports from different countries of the world get together for the competition. The Tokyo Olympics are going head to head right now. But how do the Olympics promote sustainability?

As we all are familiar with the vicious pandemic that is upon us. The aim towards the more sustainable Tokyo Olympics is to maintain the peaceful environment for the betterment of the world. For the 2020 (which is right now happening in 2021) Olympics, eight new avenues were created. 

Moreover, more than 11000 athletes are now going head to head against each other at the Olympics. That doesn’t make sense where sustainability lies. However, the government and the communities brought some effective initiatives to reduce the environmental effect and its alternatives to the massive sporting event. A lot of them have now been implemented in the current Olympics that are going on right now. 

The sustainability concept:

The concept of sustainability was clear, like water even before the mark of covid 19. The sustainability concept for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics is “Be Better Together For the Planet and People.” It is entirely understandable. They will take those initiatives to meet all the requirements of sustainable Olympics games. The reason is to showcase the solution for all the challenges of global sustainability challenges for all the people around the world. Moreover, The council of the Olympics has decided that they will sell all the apartments in the sports village of the Olympics to the public. So that apartments will be reused. 

Ways in which the Tokyo Olympics are sustainable.  

Following are the ways in which the Tokyo Olympics are sustainable. 

Renewable energy:

picture showing solar panels being used as renewable energy in tokyo olympics 2020 | Agrrro

Right now, renewable energy is gaining popularity in many developed nations. Likewise, in the Tokyo Olympics 2020 too. Renewable sources power the games of the Olympics. The games in the Tokyo Olympics right now use solar energy for games in Yamakawa, Naraha, and Okuma in Fukushima. The renewable energy is gained by Wood Biomass from construction and tree clipping. 

Cardboard Beds:

image showing the tokyo olympics 2020 is using cardboard beds for their athletes | Agrrro

Using cardboard as beds in the Tokyo Olympics 2020 is another great initiative. It is designed to withstand over 200 KGs. Almost over 18000 cardboard beds were designed especially for the Athletes. It is thoroughly designed from used paper products. 

Recycled Plastic Podiums:

image showing the tokyo olympics 2020 using the plastc podium for giving rewards to winning athletes | Agrrro

A podium is where the winning athletes get the medals. The winning athlete is taken to the podium which is made from recycled and recovered plastic taken out from the oceans. After the end of the Olympics, the podiums will be used for educational purposes. 

Recycled Architecture:

image showing the tokyo olympics 2020 using recycled architectures for their stadiums | Agrrro

Many of the facilities used for the Games already exist, and they have been updated since the Tokyo Olympics in 1964. New buildings, such as the grand stadium, where the opening and closing ceremonies are held, were built using solid wood. Wood from other areas, in turn, will be used to build community benches and other buildings once the games are completed.

Aluminum Torches:

image showing the tokyo olympics 2020 using aluminium torch for tournament | Agrrro

Every year the aluminum torches or Olympic torches are used in the tournament. The Olympic torches are designed by By Tokunjin Yoshioka. It has been made from recycled construction. The rose Gold in aluminum torches resembles the national flower of Japan. The Olympic flames or torches and cauldron holdings are filled with hydrogen instead of fossil gas. 

Electric Vehicles:

image showing the tokyo olympics 2020 using electric cars for the travel for the sustainablity | Agrrro

The Olympics and the Paralympian were transported around the Olympic villages by specially designed electric vehicles. Toyota has upgraded most of its existing e-Palette vehicles to be more accessible and affordable for athletes while keeping things clean. Electric cars have so many advantages that carry the fundamental sustainability of the world. 

Plastic Uniforms:

image showing an athlete wearing uniform made from waste plastic | Agrrro

The Olympics has made an update of making the tracksuits and kits from the waste of plastic. A Lot of other sports right now are pursuing to manufacture and alter their uniforms from plastic waste. This is the best step towards the plastic-free world where plastic is utilized in much helpful stuff.

Sustainability of Olympics medals:

image showing an Olympic medal for tokyo olympics 2020 made from metal waste | Agrrro

They have made the whole tournament of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics 2020 suitable. The medals, which are an essential part of the Olympic 2020, have been made from metal waste. This is an excellent step towards a sense of sustainability. Five thousand medals have been made from metal waste. They were recycled with electric devices in a local market.


There is nothing that can foresee better sustainability for the world. The world must act and pay attention to the world’s biggest tournament, like the 2020 Olympics. They have brought every game into sustainability. They set different themes for the crowd who were coming in. The sustainable Olympic 2020 is doing its part right now. It’s our responsibility how we implement these. Stay safe, stay healthy.