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How to Reduce Plastic Waste and Go Plastic Free.

April 19, 2021

Good news is that Indians still consume far less amount of plastic when compared with other countries like America, China or Brazil, or even the whole of Europe. But we still need to consume a lot, lot less. Because however little plastic we may use, once the polymer becomes plastic and enters our land, it will stay in our land, no matter how we try to destroy it.

Harmful Effects of Plastic on Environment

cows eating plastic in the dump | waste water bottles | broken plastic pieces | liquid fuel | the road made of plastic waste | Agrrro
  • Now, you may burn it, but the toxic chemicals in plastic only change their form and the chemical fumes will move around with air, entering into our homes and farms, poisoning our environment.
  • If you throw it away, it will break down into tiny pieces under the sun’s heat, only to get mixed with the soil and our water.
  • Recycling is only possible once, so the effects of the plastic on environment stays for a long time
  • Making fuel out of plastic too has not seen the kind of success one wishes for. The food and other contaminations add too much moisture to the plastic waste and result in too little fuel.
  • That leaves us with plastic roads, rails, tiles. Lol…that hardly sounds like we are getting rid of it. Replacing our good materials with plastic will only cause more microplastics on earth.

There is One Way. That is to Reduce Plastic Waste. And Here’s How to Go Plastic Free.

Alternatives to daily essentials of plastic products that includes bamboo tooth brush, bamboo comb, jute bags, bamboo brush, and loofah. | Agrrro

You start your day by holding a bamboo brush with charcoal bristles. Be careful not to buy the ones with nylon bristles.

Go on a happy, chirpy morning walk, holding a steel container or a glass bottle that you ask the milkman to pour the milk in.

Pack your tiffin in a steel box and send off your child with a steel water bottle.

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Here’s the good part…

When you Reduce Plastic Waste, you also cut down on chemicals and processed food. That’s a bonus.

women holding plastic wastes that they use in their daily life. | Agrrro

From soaps to noodles, everything is full of unhealthy chemicals. You will be solving two grave problems with just one decision. And all this chemical that goes down the drain only pollutes our groundwater that our borewells pump back into our homes.

There are so many easy ways and recipes for making a toilet cleaner or a soap or a shampoo.

Sew a few different sizes of cloth bags or buy some that will hold sugar, rice, lentils, rava, poha, pulses. Or carry a container for oil, coffee grounds, tea powder, fish, meat, eggs. And treasure hunts in your locality to find small families who do not sell pre-packed food items. Buy their fresh produce and make your own breakfast, lunch and coffee, and bread. If you give it a chance, Plastic-free life will grow on you.

If you feel like indulging in some store-baked bread or a cake or chicken curry, carry a container to the bakery or the hotel and savour the flavour without contributing to any waste.

Your child just turned One or next month is your 50th wedding anniversary or you just received an award. Throw a party! But do not invite plastic. It will ruin your after party life. It gives bad hangover for earth. So, do not let him in your party. Serve your delicious food in glass or ceramic or steel cutlery. Fill your Matka or a water filter with clean glasses.

Trust me, It will feel like a rebirth. And it is a fun life to live. With no chemicals, no plastic waste to burn or throw, no guilt, and nothing to fear. And the best part is you will be doing yourself and your next generation a huge favor by helping the Planet heal and go plastic free.

Let’s grow into the oxygen rich, good smelling earth that we always dream about to holiday in but never imagined to see outside our windows, everyday.